Hairstyles-for-men-with-long-faces, the best hairstyles for elongated oval faces: this is probably one of the finest hairstyles for men with long face. it looks fine on this kind of face texture and will be suitable for men with almost all skin tones. the hair is a bit spiky and quite funky as well.. In this article, we will discuss the best hairstyles for long face men.choosing a haircut is one of the most difficult situations ever. sometimes, you choose a perfect hairstyle for yourself, but it does not look good on you., here we have rounded 15 hairstyles for men with long faces that you may want to try! the world of men looks has exploded into different men’s hairstyle trends that have become quite iconic for our times: from long hair, to men’s short hairstyles, to men buns, to the pompadour, to the under cuts. hairstyles are major component of mens style. ....

Men who have long faces should be careful not to make their hair stand up. the slicked back pushes hair from the top and sides of the head towards the back. this creates the illusion of a wider face–and that’s exactly what you want. a traditional straight and flat slicked back hair won’t be ideal, however., for those guys who have longer faces, long, flat hair and pointed standing styles like faux hawks should be avoided, since they only extend the face even more. instead, go with one of the styles below to balance out your features. a neatly groomed beard can help ensure additional balance..

Best beard styling for men with oblong shaped face: it’s common knowledge that not all faces are of the same shape and size. faces can widely differ from round to square or even heart-shaped. however, what one should keep in mind is that not all beard styles suit every face shape. some beard styles only look […], if you’ve ever struggled with a lack of fresh, flattering haircuts for long faces, the struggle is about to end! these 50 styles are ideal for your face..

The best hairstyles for long face men include classic and modern styles. for example, if you want a clean-cut and low-maintenance haircut, then a buzz, crew cut, crop top or fringe will suit you well. bangs that falls across the forehead can even serve to shorten the length of the face., model rosie huntington-whiteley’s blonde style pictured here is the perfect mid-length option for flattering long faces. layers give hair body and fullness that widen the appearance of the face, while a deep side part sweeps a bang across the forehead. 2 long waves with blunt bangs