Overhead-radiant-tube-heaters, category » direct vent wall furnaces » electric heaters » floor furnaces » forced air heaters » garage heaters » greenhouse heaters » high altitude gas furnaces » high efficiency furnaces » infrared & tube heaters » portable heaters » room heaters » vent free heaters » thermostats & controls. Comfort zone cz260er ceiling-mounted high-output 10,000-watt fan-forced industrial heater with digital thermostat and remote control, contact your local rep to learn more about solaronics' overhead radiant heaters. solaronics’ suntube low intensity infrared heaters are powered by a positive pressure burner which fires into 4″ diameter by 5′ or 10′ long steel tubes. burner ignition is accomplished by pilotless direct spark.. There are several outstanding product features that make a schwank overhead radiant tube heater the best in the industry, including: long lasting construction with corrosion resistant parts, sealed tube heaters and protected fans easy maintenance with simple latch access [no need to turn off heater burner], infrared heaters work the same way that the sun does. infrared rays heat the object directly, not the air around it. when the object becomes hot, it heats the surrounding air and any other objects..

Cost-effective, energy-efficient low-intensity heaters. detroit radiant products company offers the most extensive line of low-intensity infrared radiant tube heaters available.. from our award-winning, engineered vacuum systems to our patented, two-stage line of heaters, you’ll find a product that ideally suits your needs., schwank gas overhead radiant tube heaters can be used for indoor/outdoor applications, industrial factories, warehousing and logistics buildings, vehicle service garages and wash bays, plane hangars, welding and fabricating shops, sports facilities, and showrooms, just to name a few. contact us for more information..

Designed for large industrial and commercial spaces, grainger's gas infrared tube heaters can have outputs that exceed 100,000 btuh. these infrared heater units are clean, energy efficient, and available in liquid propane or natural gas models., all space-ray tube heaters are designed for maximum radiant output and are csa design certified. pull-through heaters operate under negative pressure at all times where the products of combustion are pulled through the totally enclosed combustion chamber for increased radiant efficiency, more uniform tube temperature, and greater safety..

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