Oxiclean-laundry-stain-remover-on-carpet, removing carpet stains with oxiclean™ carpet spray life can bring an unpredictable amount of mess. whether it’s a wine spill, tracked-in dirt, or last night’s dinner carpets attract all types of stains.. Removes tough stains forever! remove even tough stains with oxiclean™ carpet & area rug stain remover. our special oxygenation process works together with oxiclean™ stain fighters to deep clean and freshen carpets. can be used with oxiclean™ splot!, when not to use oxiclean if you know that your carpet is made of wool or a wool blend, or contains silk, do not use oxiclean to remove stains. the ph level of oxiclean is too high --- 11 according to the oxiclean web site -- and the color in the wool or silk may be damaged..

To remove the stain from a carpet using oxiclean versatile stain removal powder dissolved in water, first of all, remove all excess liquid or solid from the spill. then, spray or apply the solution so that it completely saturates the stained area. let it sit for up to 5 minutes, and then blot it up with a clean and dry rug or towel., spray oxiclean directly onto the stain until it's completely saturated. you really want to wet it down on both the back and front of the stained area. rub the stain together to soak in the stain remover. let the piece of clothing stand for five minutes so the stain remover starts to break up the stain in the fibers..

The same proportions of oxiclean can be used to spot clean your carpet (1 scoop of oxiclean to 2 cups water), mixed in a spray bottle for application. if you are concerned about changing the color of your carpet, i would suggest checking this homemade carpet cleaning solution in an inconspicuous area before using on the stain., for stains on laundry, carpet and beyond! even removes set-in stains! bring on the stains! oxiclean active stain remover gets out your toughest stains and odors such as wine, blood, dirt, tomato, pet stains, grass and even some set-in-stains..

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