Ozone-pool-system-vs-salt-water, swimming pools are beautiful, innovative additions to your yard. they can enhance your backyard and even include waterfalls for additional peaceful and soothing qualities. but whatever type, size, and shape of pool you include, one thing remains the same; you need to keep it clean. any amount of standing water – even water being used in an infinity pool – is going to eventually grow algae .... If you’re a homeowner getting ready to build a pool, you eventually come to the point where you must decide how your pool water will be treated and’s not as glamorous as picking the design of the pool, play features, lights or fire pits, but it can actually be one of the most important steps., how you will keep your swimming pool water sanitary and safe with saltwater or with ozone, which is the best and why are explained..

Salt water has become the popular choice for homeowners looking to move away from traditional chlorine sanitation. oftentimes, the thought is that a salt water pool is essentially as natural as the water in the ocean. however, in actuality, the belief that a salt water system is chemical-free is actually a misconception., salt chlorine generators and ozone generators are two popular and proven products used to sanitize pool and spa water.  they both reduce chemicals and increase water safety, leaving your pool water clean, healthy and crystal clear.salt or ozone? both give you:  silky, soft water that is easy on eyes, skin, hair and bathing suitschloramine reduction.  chloramines are ....

Pool maintenance can be challenging, especially when it comes to keeping the pool water crystal clear.while there are numerous sanitization systems, the ones frequently inquired about are uv-ozone systems and salt chlorinators. here in this comparison article, we’ll establish the difference between the two systems, why they’re effective, and what drawbacks exist.uv-ozone systemsuv-ozone ..., mercola recommends ozone as the best system, however in the comments section by pool owners, many say it is not ideal and that they have found better systems. here’s what some people say about salt water pools: “salt water pools only server to maintain chlorine levels through the use of a salt-water chlorinator. i have one of these..

Hi moby, no choice on this one - definitely salt. ozone is a fantastic oxidiser of contaminants. unfortunately ozone doesn't last in the water. once the ozonator switches off, it's gone.