Pain-after-colonoscopy-right-side, pain, fever and nausea with vomiting are the most common symptoms. these usually begin right after the colonoscopy. a rare complication is damage to the spleen (the spleen is adjacent to the colon.... Abdominal pain: you may have some abdominal cramps following a colonoscopy. this is often due to the air used to inflate the colon during the procedure. you should not hold unto any gas or flatus. you should pass gas as much as possible., belly pain or discomfort this is the most common side effect of colonoscopy. you might feel cramping or bloating afterward. your doctor may use air to inflate your colon so they can get a better....

I recently had a colonoscopy on april 2, i began experiencing pain in my lower right side and i have been unable to have a bowel movement. i called the treating physician and was unable to contact ..., hello there, it would be great if someone could tell me if it is normal to get some sharp twinges after a colonoscopy?i had 2 polyps removed and a biopsy on another one and felt a bit rough afterwards, but not too bad. i had it done on thursday and yesterday (saturday) i started to get sharp pains a bit like a kidney stone on the right side and it has continued all night and this morning..

Pain — especially pain in the left upper abdomen — is one sign that a spleen injury has occurred. others are bleeding, a fast heartbeat, dizziness and fainting, says dr. ashcraft. if you experience any of these symptoms after having a colonoscopy, seek emergency treatment immediately.