Pain-along-outside-of-foot-and-ankle, lateral foot pain is pain that runs along the outer side of the foot and ankle. it can occur before, during, or after activities such as walking and running. lateral foot pain can make it difficult.... Pain on the outside of the foot (side of the pinky toe) is a common problem we treat in our seattle foot and ankle clinic. in most cases outside of the foot pain responds well to treatment. call 206.344.3808 or use our patient portal to schedule an appointment for an evaluation and treatment recommendations., people with peroneal tendinosis typically have tried a new exercise or markedly increased their activities. characteristic activities include marathon running or others that require repetitive use of the ankle. patients usually have pain around the back and outside of the ankle. there usually is no history of a specific injury..

Pain along the outside or lateral part of the foot can have one (or more) of six possible causes, according to bob thompson, certified pedorthist, executive director of the institute for preventive foot health ( a pedorthist is a medical professional who designs devices and footwear to alleviate foot pain., chronic lateral ankle pain is recurring pain on the outer side of the ankle often develops after an injury such as a sprained ankle. however, several other conditions also may cause chronic ankle pain..

Peroneal tendonitis description. there are three peroneal muscles in the lower leg. these muscles attach to the tibia and fibula bones on the outside of the lower leg.