Pain-in-neck-and-back-of-head-right-side, pain in the right or left side of your neck is usually nothing serious. it’s often caused by muscle strain, poor sleeping position, or bad posture. if the pain continues for more than a few days,.... Meningitis — inflammation of the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord — may also produce pain in the neck and back of head. meningitis is usually caused by an infection. in addition to pain, the neck is typically very stiff. other common symptoms include a fever, nausea, vomiting and drowsiness., if you’re noticing sharp pain in back of head on right side, this could be due to a conditional called trigeminal neuralgia. this chronic condition can be quite uncomfortable and affect the biggest nerves of your head called fifth cranial nerve or trigeminal nerve..

Pain in the back of the head can be caused by many problems like cervicogenic headache, brain tumors, dialysis headache, dengue fever, etc. pain in the head or headache is one of the most common ailments affecting humans. various different patterns of headache are recognized and one such typical pattern is pain in the back of head., pain in the neck is a very common complaint. because of poor posture (whether it’s hunching over your workbench or leaning over your computer), neck muscles can be strained. there are many other lifestyle-related causes of neck pain. neck pain can rarely be a sign or symptom of a more severe problem..

The neck is one of a few areas of the body — along with the low back, jaw, and bowels — that is vulnerable to bouts of unexplained pain, sometimes quite stubborn. in most cases, the pain goes away. pain is weird and unpredictable, and is often the result of the brain being overprotective and paranoid., when i lay on the bed on my stomach and i bend my head backwards i feel this shooting pain go up only to the right side of my head,its also pain full when i put pressure on my right footwhen i stand up,i have been in the berth (sleeping area of a tractor trailer)training for i week now,the pain started 3 days after starting training'''''please can u tell me what it can be causing this'''