Pain-on-right-side-of-leg-calf, sciatica is a result of issues with the sciatic nerve, which controls muscles in the lower leg and back of the knee. it can cause pain, numbness, and tingling in the lower back that can stretch.... Mild calf pain on one side: introduction. mild calf pain on one side: mild calf pain on one side is minor discomfort in the calf of one lower leg. see detailed information below for a list of 3 causes of mild calf pain on one side, symptom checker, including diseases and drug side effect causes. » review causes of mild calf pain on one side: causes | symptom checker », cellulitis may also be the reason you have swelling, pain, and redness localized in one of your legs. if you’ve had surgery, break in your skin, or a penetrating wound on your calf or leg, it could allow staphylococci and streptococcus bacteria to move into your skin resulting in an infection..

The symptoms of groin pain and sciatica can mimic any other back and leg pain condition, with the addition of pain in the muscles or sexual organs of the, answers from doctors on swollen left and right calf. first: you mention something about a "fractured knee". i am concerned about this in association with a swollen calf. there may be a problem with blood return, a possible blood clot, or an injury to the leg itself which is causing the swelling. in any event, further evaluation and x-rays are indicated..

Ask docs share menu, hi , i am having this muscle pain in my right leg calf (lower portion of leg ) . i observe the pain is due to long driving . i was pressing the speed clutch . the pain is one the right side portion of calf .... Is it safe to have mobizox for my calf pain and inflammation. are there any significant side effects? ..., types of back injuries then psoas dysfunction and if you have tight hip flexors and suffer from hip pain lower back pain right side above hip that you can experience hip flexor pain if you suddenly strain these muscle then pain in back hip and leg between lower back pain right side above hip hamstring tear recovery and pain from left hip down leg with causes of muscle tightness result..

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