Paint-vinyl-shutters-or-replace, why not paint vinyl shutters? paint will give your home painted look and you may lose the wood grain appearance of your shutters. also, painting requires a significant amount of prep work and clean up and paint will fade like your shutters. since shutter renu™ is clear you can eliminate nearly all of the prep work and clean-up mess.. Vinyl window shutters that are badly faded from the sun can either be painted or replaced, but replacing them can be costly. the price for a two-pack of plastic window shutters costs anywhere from $40 to $100 each, depending on the size and style. the cost adds up fast for a house with multiple shutters., plastic or vinyl shutters can be repainted if they are cleaned properly and the correct paint is used. read more to find out how..

Painting vinyl shutters | these faded green shutters can be made to look just like new with soap, water, and some urethane resin paint. dear tim: i have some 8-year old green vinyl shutters that have faded badly. these shutters are in very good condition otherwise, but they are chalky and just plain dingy looking. is it possible to paint them?, u can paint the indoor and the outdoor vinyl shutters with any plastic or acrylic paint after you rough the cleaned surface with delicate sand paper, or you can polish the interior ones with baby....

Yes vinyl shutters can absolutely be painted, although maintenance will be required again with normal wear & tear and exposure to the elements. have you considered replacing them with a low maintenance product? there are a lot of products that can offer the color you desire with the maintenance you also desire... little to none., before started paint vinyl shutters you required to clean them and don’t forget to use protective equipments for face, skin, eyes and for hands. it is good to avoid darker colors to use on vinyl shutters, therefore use lighter colors which easily absorb the sunlight..

My shutters are attached to the natural cedar siding with plastic shutter pins (they're sold near the shutters at home depot). i took down the faded shutters, cleaned them with soap and water, then sprayed them with kilz primer., i ended up leaving my shutters up to paint them, using wide painter's tape to protect the vinyl siding around and underneath them. i used an excellent paint from sherwin williams that was developed specifically for use on exterior vinyl, and small trim rollers and pads to paint them. the paint was kind of costly, but it was well worth it..

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