Painting-an-exterior-steel-door, sam adams, a full-service contractor, says: "the best way to paint a steel door is with a professional sprayer, not a rattle can. the second best way is to use foam rollers because both give your steel door a uniform texture. if you paint the door with a brush, you get all kinds of brush strokes in the finished product." 3. Lightly sand the door with 400-grit sandpaper. use the vacuum with the dust attachment to clean off the door, then wipe it down with a wet rag. pour the paint into a tray. cut around the panels of the door or any other trim details using the paint brush., to make a door look brand new, even an exterior steel one, sometimes just means putting on a new coat of paint. making it look a new color can help it look updated and matched to the rest of home renovation without spending lots of money on a new door..

Painting a steel door can be time consuming, but with the preparation as perfect as possible the end result will be much better than the alternative. 5) painting a steel door and side lights applying the paint is the most satisfying part of painting a steel door, plan on a minimum of one coat of primer and two coats of finish., priming the surfaces on the exterior of your house is a crucial step in painting them because it seals the surface and ensures the final coat of paint will adhere well. fortunately, today most newly installed steel entry doors come pre-primed, meaning a coat of primer was applied at the factory and the door is ready to paint..

It’s tough to get those little caps off, but it beats taping off the whole window. my project involved removing a window insert. this is easy enough if you can get a small nail or thumbtack behind the screw hole covers to access the screws., it is a metal exterior door that gets full afternoon sun. the metal heats up like an oven and, over time, bakes the paint right off the door. after lots of trial and error using many combinations of primers and paint over the years, i have come up with a successful formula..

Paint the door with at least two coats of exterior satin or semi-gloss paint, following the same process you did for the primer and being sure to leave the recommended amount of drying time between..., 6. for this particular door i did not use a foam paint cover and roller to paint, but i highly recommend if you have little to no windows in your door.. with this particular color i needed two full coats, and then i spotted treated a few areas by the windows with a third.