Painting-concrete-pool-coping, step 1 - clean your coping before proceeding to paint your pool coping, you will need to give it a vigorous cleaning. begin the process by using a broom and dustpan and sweep any dust off the coping. once your coping is completely dust-free, combine mild liquid soap and warm water in a clean bucket.. Choose the best paint for your needs. two primary types of paint are used for pool coping: epoxy and acrylic. (see resources.) epoxy paint adheres well to virtually all surfaces; it is the ideal choice for unpainted concrete or stone coping., the swimming pool coping joins the horizontal deck with the vertical pool walls. any paint applied to coping adds cosmetic appeal to the swimming pool and also serves to protect the coping....

Video demonstration on how to repaint your pool's coping. how to paint a pool deck. diy tips painting concrete pool decks. painting swimming pools., for inground concrete pools, typically a pre-cast concrete coping stone, flagstone or brick is used as coping. in most cases, cementitious or stone coping is not painted, but can be pressure washed or lightly acid washed to improve appearance. for pre-cast coping stones that are very rough or stained, they may be painted with a pool deck coatings..

You would have to an expert in pool maintenance - depending on the type of paint used, you might be able to overcoat with an epoxy paint - or might have to strip it off, which is a mess with a full pool but can be done for a price, but far better done if pool needs to be drained anyway (if it safely can be - not all can due to high groundwater levels) for repainting or repairing gunite or such.