Painting-over-terrazzo-floors, terrazzo flooring is made by exposing marble chips on the surface of concrete and polishing until smooth, either directly on the ground or in tile form. while it was pretty trendy in the 1940s and '50s, not everyone loves the chipped look. it can be slippery, too, so it's not ideal for households with young kids or older residents.. Terrazzo tile is made from marble chips and stones. it is a very durable tile that has a high gloss finished which is installed in many homes that have a retro design element. in terrazzo flooring, portland cement, which is referred as the matrix, is poured into a metal grid that is t shaped and acts as the expansion joint for the tiles., painting over terrazzo floors. painting over terrazzo floors. guest author - glenwood sherry. i recently received an e-mail from a reader asking about painting over terrazzo floors; since so many homes built during the 40's and 50's had this material, i thought that it would make a good topic..

I have read blogs on how to paint over the terrazzo floor, but i wanted to ask home depot about the products that you might carry and the technique itself.