Painting-plywood-to-look-like-wood-planks, an inexpensive alternative to real plank flooring is to fake it with a faux wood paint technique on a plywood floor. without any artistic training, you can master the technique in minutes. wood.... Although you want the finished floor to resemble wood grain, leaving the plywood grain exposed will belie the painted effect you create because the grain of some sheets runs perpendicular to the the painted grain. to hide the plywood grain, mix dilute floor-leveling compound and spread it over the whole floor, using a 6-inch drywall knife., nov 16, 2014 - i've known for sometime (literally years). that i would rip up my ugly paint stained den carpet, and attempt to recreate the plywood sub ....

Visit the post for more. sometimes paint a concrete floor to look like wood right first concrete floor that looks like wood planks painting floors to look like hardwood, jan 26, 2014 - using a dremel to make plywood floor look like planks living-spaces. This took forever - so if you take on this task yourself, maybe start with a fat sharpie and not the thin ones. once my vertical sharpie faux plank wood lines were drawn, i decided i would sand it., aug 15, 2019 - paint a front door to look like wood25+ best ideas about faux wood paint on pinterest | wood garage.

Here are the instructions: materials: 16 sheets of 15/32 pine plywood @ $16.49 per sheet 9 gigantic tubes of liquid nail @ $4.75 each 10 lbs of cut nails (ordered from tremont nail company) @ $69.63 (includes s&h) 4 gallons of varathane polyurethane @ $37.46 per gallon, mar 4, 2017 - this is a concrete floor painted to look like wood. i'm using a wood graining tool and gel stain. the floor in the other room is also concrete painted to look like tile using oil based paint and a crumpled grocery bag.