Roofing-liner-for-ponds, roofing a flat roof with a pond liner. a diy project on our food production garage. with video on how to lift 360+ pounds on to the roof with two people.. 15 ft. x 25 ft. epdm pond liner construct your pond with the highest quality construct your pond with the highest quality 45 mil epdm (ethylene propylene diene monomer) liner material. commercial landscape designers use epdm liners for classic water garden construction and we recommend it for use in extreme climates and when water depths are 18 in. or deeper., epdm pond liners. an ethylene propylene diene monomer, or epdm pond liner is another popular choice among pond builders. although epdm pond liners can't be welded like butyl liners, the seams can be taped with heavy-duty butyl tape, making the seams fully waterproof..

The main difference between roofing liner and fish-safe pond liner is the formulation of ingredients. in either case, certain ingredients are interchangeable but will result in the same final product. the use of one ingredient over another is determined by current market price of the ingredients., epdm pond liners. pond liners vs. roofing grade epdm. attention pond liner customers. there is a difference in pond liner epdm and roof grade epdm..

Roofing epdm is often coated or impregnated with an algae inhibitor which is extremely toxic to fish and aquatic plants. ideally, plants go into a new pond after dechlorinating the water, fish and..., epdm rubber roofing for flat roofing projects. 45 mil firstone epdm rubber roofing material & accessories.. Aesthetic and durable ponds. firestone pondgard is a simple, robust and durable waterproof solution.. firestone pondgard epdm is the material of choice for various lining applications:. artificial lakes; golf course water features; commercial decorative ponds; residential decorative ponds