Unidare-automatic-combination-storage-heater-with-convector-heater, combination storage heaters come with an integrated convection heater for additional on-demand heating, when required. browse our range for more details.. Unidare automatic combination storage heater with convector heater. features digital smart storage heater. hassle free online product finder helps you easily find which heater you need and to see which electric radiator or storage heater model is the best heater to suit your room. unidare – 2.55kw storage heater with 1.5kw convector built in., unidare storage heaters. unidare slimline storage heaters. wmx range - manual heat control storage heater. wms range of automatically controlled high capacity storage heaters designed to use economy 7 electricity..

This range of heaters from dimplex offers many of the benefits of the popular manual and automatic storage dimplex heaters but with the addition of a built in top-up convector heater which provides an independent heat source to supplement stored heat in severe weather, or as the sole heating if heat is required unexpectedly – for example in spring or autumn., wms712n "small" 1.7 kw (£332.50 + vat) = £399.00 the wms range is designed for energy efficient heating in domestic and commercial applications. wms storage heaters operate at optimum efficiency, on all economy tariffs and automatically regulates the stored heat required with built-in twin sensing technology which results in energy saving and lower running costs..

The wmcs range provides the benefit and convenience of economy storage heating with the flexibility of "direct-acting" top up heat. comfort conditions are automatically maintained with the convector element controlled by a thermostat, unidare type storage heater element tab fitting 85 . unidare type storage heater element tab fitting. bought this storage heater eight years ago, it’s still in excellent condition. here we have a job lot of night storage heaters, which until recently were hooked up to the economy 7 supply and worked as expected..

The csh12a 1.70kw elnur "gabarron" night storage heater with a built in 1.0kw convector element for optional anytime boost. elnur combination storage heaters offer performance, economy and controllability with the boost option and, as the cold sets in, finding ways to keep warm when we’re at home can be a real chore. from sky high gas and electricity bills to our growing awareness of the need to reduce our carbon footprint .... Storage heaters can help those on time-of-use tariffs (such as economy 7 and economy 10) to save money with cheaper off-peak electricity. find out how storage heaters work, and what type of storage heater is right for your home.