Wave-cap-or-durag-first, wave cap vs durag. although both of these headgears work in an almost similar way, some minor differences are quite noticeable. let’s find out those qualities that separate these two items effectively.. A wave cap is designed to promote waves with a spandex style fit to make your night enjoyable with its comfort. wave caps are similar to do-rag when it comes to achieving and maintaining waves. wave caps can be used solely or under a durag for maximum compression. our wave caps have breathable cool and comfortable prem, african-american hair often has different texture than the hair of some other ethnic groups. as such, african americans and hair stylists who serve african americans have developed a variety of unique products to suit their specific haircare needs. two of these products are headdresses that keep ....

Struggling to keep your waves in place? what you need is a wave cap or a durag. a durag will work excellently for holding your hair when you’re asleep as it doesn’t come off as readily as a wave cap.a wave cap, on the other hand, will be your workout…, how to get the best compression using a stocking cap and durag for waves - duration: 5:06. wavy winsday 171 views.

***** order your royal products email me : [email protected] ***** 8..., 3pcs silky durags pack for men waves, satin doo rag, award 1 wave cap. General discussion about waves and styling. it really doesn't matter. both do their job of holding your hair down. but you can say a du-rag because it doesn't loosen up after alot of time and it doesn't come off at night when your asleep. a du-rag will stay tight, fitted, and last longer because of the material and design. a wave cap will loosen up and come off when sleepin. also it can tear ..., we have over 100+ 5 star reviews from the waver community. our premium quality silk durag & velvet durag material, great customer service and fast shipping makes us unique..

Which one is better a du-rag or wave cap cause a wave cap all u do is put the motherfucker on and take it off no problem bout it and a nigga still be spinning but when a nigga put a du-rag on u got to tie it up make it tight so yo waves can be deep and held down so i want ya'll opinions which one is better to use and for 360waves