Wax-bike-lube, self-cleaning, wax-based lubricant for bicycle chains, derailleurs, and cables sets up as dry wax finish, shedding dirt and grime while you ride and helping keep your bike running smoothly small particles of outer wax structure flake off, taking dirt, grime or grit with it, which begins cycle of "self-cleaning". Product description speedmaster wax bicycle chain lube - special formula allows the wax to stays on chain longer. unlike oil, wax do not attract dirt, as a result, it is long lasting, low maintenance, super clean and lowest friction on your bicycle chain. simply bath your bicycle chain in our special formulated speedmaster wax., finish line's wax lube goes on wet, but sets up with a hard, dry, super-slick wax film. wax lube contains no oily or greasy ingredients to attract or absorb dirt. the addition of molybdenum in finish line's wax film enhances lubricity and increases lubrication intervals. your drivetrain will remain nearly contaminant free and clean to the touch..

Dumonde tech original bicycle chain lube is a go-to with many mountain bikers and cyclocross racers. it’s one of the few chain lubes that can stand up to the worst conditions. functioning as a liquid plastic, this chain lube undergoes polymerization to form a strong plating that helps your chain stay cleaner, quieter, and last longer., finish line ceramic wax bike lube chain oil drip bottle economy size 4oz ounce. $10.46. 5 left. finish line dry 2oz (60ml) teflon bike chain lube / lubricant all condition. $8.95. 5 sold. finish line dry bike chain lube/4 oz/mtb/road/drip. $12.47. 3 sold. finish line wet lube, 4oz drip. $9.98..

Wax based lubes are a type of “dry” lube. wax based lubes tend to reject dry dust and dirt quite well. in my experience, they will literally clump up into waxy balls of dirt and fall off. this effect does not work well in wet conditions and, if it is wet, wax based lubes will need reapplication so frequently that they are not good to use., bicycle fixation says that a properly waxed chain needs a new coat of wax every 400 to 500 miles. the bloom bike shop points out that dry oils and wax-based lubricants wash off easily in the rain, while wet oils collect dirt easier in dry conditions..

The wax is melted at approximately 180°f, the powders are added in, and the ingredients are thoroughly mixed with some sort of agitator (smith uses a common battery powered milk frother). next, the...