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You can get wax tanks designed to run in small batches for production runs that don’t require as much material, or you can take advantage of wax melters with 400-gallon capacities and keep the work flowing almost continually., 🎉🎉school holiday craft making kits. 🎉🎉 from $10.50 💖magic candle kit, bath bomb kit, lip balm kit & soap kit💖 1. 🔥 magic candle making kit, - small (100 gms) or large kit (180 gms). $10.50 or $18.00.. There has to be a better way! over 20 years ago, in seattle, washington, when microsoft, amazon, starbucks and many other businesses were revolutionizing their industries, we also knew there had to be a better way to melt and pour wax than using 50 year old technology (now 70+ years)., coogar products offers a wide range of the best wax melters, wax tanks, and candle and soap making equipment. get high-quality wax melting equipment that makes candle making easy! use coogar products to ramp up production and reduce costs in no time..

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