Wax-ring-carving-tools, browse through our selection of wax carving tools and jewelry scuplting supplies. inventory includes wax carvers, wax pens, min lathes, gauges, rasps files, wax pellents and much more.. 6-piece wax carving stainless steel tool set - silicone container and protective metal carrying case included, the beauty of carving wax for casting is that you can start with as little or as many wax sculpting tools as you like, and still create something that is unique and completely handcrafted. once you’ve meticulously shaped and filed a block of wax into the beginnings of a jewellery design, there’s nothing quite as […].

Wax supplies wax carving and wax modelling are the first step in creating a cast piece of jewelry. in this section you'll find the basic wax carving tools you need, plus block wax and ring wax., wax is the traditional medium for making jewelry models and prototypes. jewelry tools carries a variety of wax carving tools and supplies needed to take your wax work in the right direction.. Everything you need for wax carving & casting, from carving wax blocks to injection wax, in many colors, even silver and gold. reliable source for carving wax., cooksongold is the uk’s largest one-stop shop for the jewellery maker with over 19,000 products including a huge stock of silver, gold, palladium and platinum bullion cut to your requirements (sheet, wire, tube, solder, grain, settings) as well as huge ranges of findings, loose and finished chain, gemstones, ring blanks, jewellery making tools, silver clay, beading materials and much more..

Posted by karen mclaughlin on nov 20, 2012. wolf wax. wolf milling wax™ by ferris® is available in many sizes of blocks, slices, round bars and ring tubes and is ideal for milling and hand carving., ajs stock a wide range of wax working tools for your jewellery making requirements. including wax carvers.