Ways-to-clean-your-room-fast, to clean your room fast, take an organized approach: throw away any garbage, return things to their proper place, and tidy up by making your bed, dusting, and vacuuming as needed. you can use tricks like listening to upbeat music or playing a game to make the time pass more enjoyably, after all, time flies when you are having fun. part 1. Make your bed to give yourself a nice laundry folding space. 2 separate your clean clothes from your dirty clothes. put the clean clothes onto the bed and the dirty clothes into a hamper or laundry basket., making the bed makes a room look good fairly quickly. 1-remove stuff from bed, and wash if necessary. 2-replace and tuck in sheets. 3-place warming blanket (down or otherwise (unless its summer out))..

The very first step to take whenever you want to clean your room and be fast with it is to use a timer. using the timer will help you track your progress and let you know if you should hasten your cleaning process or not. choose a proper cleaning structure this mainly depends on what you think will work for you., use a broom or put your vacuum cleaner on a bare floor setting if your room isn’t carpeted. try to go over your whole floor, but focus on the obvious areas instead of trying to clean every corner or make the area under your bed perfect..

Here's a basic speed cleaning roadmap to kick your routine in high gear: first, bring in a garbage bag and pick up trash around the room. getting garbage out of the way ensures you'll avoid spills or soiling linens while cleaning. next, take care of the bed., oh no, no, no, no, no!your room is a huge disaster: clothes all over the floor, books in your bed, hair ties and necklaces and chargers and cords snaking around the room, empty peach snapple bottles, hairspray-sticky surfaces, snot-hardened tissues, and a dresser buried under a mountain of crap..

Cleaning your room can feel like an overwhelming task, but it is likely a quicker and easier process than you imagine! play music, write a list, give yourself rewards, and make it into a game to keep yourself motivated. tackle the big tasks first and then move onto deep-cleaning your room by dusting, wiping and vacuuming all of the surfaces., for your mirror, spray it with glass cleaner, then take a clean microfiber cloth and wipe using an “s’ pattern from top to bottom, and buff out any streaks as needed. move along to your window sill, use a cloth to wipe the frame and sill of the window, and you can spot clean any fingerprints if you wish.