Ways-to-cool-your-room-in-summer, how to easy cool room outside it's hot, so i'll help you please subscribe for more videos.. Are you getting bored with your winter wardrobe? tired of having hearty winter stews and soups for dinner every night? well, it won’t be long before you’re complaining about the heat and searching for ways to cool down., sweltering in the summer heat but don't have air-con? here are 15 quick tricks to keep you cool. The easiest way to cool your room if you are below the terrace is to water the terrace and let the water evaporate. nature will take care of everything else. the evaporating water will cool your roof and hence your room ., the cheapest and the most efficient way of cooling ones room is by using these: 'vetiver' (chrysopogon zizanioides) mats... they were called as "khus" in hind as per wikipedia... they are popular as 'vetiver' in south india. one of our neighbors used these in summer when i was in my 8th standard..

Keep your attic cool in summer cooling a hot attic in summer midtown attic more energy efficient ways to keep an attic cool 18 ways to cool a house without …, an airy living space with vibrant colors is always a dream of every family in a tropical country, especially in summertimes. the first sunny days of summer have arrived, look at your room in a whole new light. open the windows, pull the curtain up, remove the decorative accessories with dark, gloomy colors, throw away […].

What size air conditioner do i need for too hot in your grow room you grow room temperatures the full guide portable air conditioner for grow roompics of : how to keep my grow room cool in summer what size air conditioner do i need for my grow room you..., good joke for friends that complain about the heat! need your room cooled down? play this powerful fan video and your company will instantly feel the cool breeze! this is a great way to cool off ...