Ways-to-hide-security-cameras, camouflage skins are the best tool to help you hide security cameras even in plain sight: just dress them with a suitable skin to make it blend in its surroundings. for example, when you want a wireless hidden security camera for front door, just dress the camera with the white skin and place it under the eaves or ceilings.. This post was originally published on march 6, 2017 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. although placing security cameras in plain sight might deter criminals from your home, hiding them also has its benefits. covert cameras can prevent burglars from disabling them, while also capturing footage of suspicious activity.. in this article, we explain how to disguise and use ..., many homeowners seek ways to hide these cameras, but fail miserably. by using a tissue box and a little ingenuity, you can hide a camera that is placed out in the open and no one will be the wiser. step 1 remove all the tissues from the tissue box through the top and using a utility knife place a small pinhole in the side of the box..

Other ways to hide security cameras indoors include: paint the wires of the security cameras in the color that matches the wall. first, staple the wires on the wall then paint the wires to blend into the overall look of the room., hide your camera in a bush or tree. thick leaves and shrubbery can hide the appearance of a security camera. place your camera inside of a bush or tree and check the camera’s video feed to make sure that the lens isn’t obscured. 3.

Let your home security camera blend within common objects. choose subtle places to hide your camera without disguising it. for example, you can hide a small camera within the branches of a lush house plant., 21st century has seen advancement in crimes, especially thievery and housebreaking. an unrevealed or masked security camera is an effective way to terminate burglaries and housebreaking. burglars are often seen destroying or disabling the security cameras. one of the major problems faced in such a situation is how to hide a security camera efficiently..

The cutesy traditional peep-hole birdhouse is a crafty place to disguise your security camera. as it does provide a restricted view with its design, just make sure the camera is facing the area you want to capture., to make mailbox security cameras less noticeable, it is important to choose small and low-profile ones. thanks to their tiny sizes, you are able to hide these small spy cameras in a mailbox, birdhouse or flowerpot effortlessly. for example, a homeowner has put a reolink argus 2into a pvc pipe and used it to monitor the entrance to his front yard.