Ways-to-hide-security-cameras-outside, hide your camera in a bush or tree. thick leaves and shrubbery can hide the appearance of a security camera. place your camera inside of a bush or tree and check the camera’s video feed to make sure that the lens isn’t obscured. 3. There are many ways to hide outdoor security cameras from detection. step 1 choose the right location for your camera. select a site that allows the camera a clear visual field to the front or back door, sidewalk or darkened area of the yard., a bird box is an incredible place to hide a security camera. you can choose a perfectly enclosed design of a bird house with just a tiny opening to enable the bird’s entry and exit. a small camera can easily be accommodated behind this tiny hole and capture all the doings of the house with ease..

One of the simplest ways to hide your smart security camera is by covering it in a camouflage skin. basic security camera skins come in all different colors to help your camera blend into any surroundings, including camouflage. specialty ghillie skins are excellent for hiding your camera outdoors, just like we did with our arlo camera., the traditional bird house is a good place to hide security cameras. the enclosed style with just a small hole in the front allows the camera to capture videos outside and offers a level of security for vandalism at the same time. here is a custom-made reolink argus 2 birdhouse shared by a creative user:.

Most people will find security cameras in the corners of most stores. but, if you attach a camera to a light fixture, top of a bookshelf, or other dangling roof attachment, you can camouflage the camera in plain sight. place your camera inside a mirrored tissue box, keep reading to find out all the best, most secretive and most effective ways to hide your video cameras today. 1 camouflage your cam with a decorative skin case cover. these are easily some of the most fun and cute ways to hide your security cameras..

Sep 27, 2016 - we share some good methods to hide an arlo smart home security camera. we provide some tips and product recommendations so a bad guy doesn't see the camera.