Ways-to-make-bath-bombs, to make your bath bombs extra luxurious, add in your favorite essential oil (up to 6 to 10 drops). feel free to mix multiple scents together to create a unique combination. add several drops of food coloring to change the color of your bath bombs, and stir the mixture well to combine thoroughly.. There is something incredibly relaxing about a warm bath, and these homemade salt bath bombs take the relaxation up a notch!. bath bombs have skyrocketed in popularity lately with thousands of options available (though i’d only recommend natural or organic options if possible)., everyone loves baths. bath bombs—those delightful chunks of good-smelling stuff that explode into colorful fizz in your bathtub—are therefore an awesome gift on any occasion..

Bath bombs are the perfect canvas for creative expression. with the right recipe, a great fragrance, a few colors and appropriate molding instructions you can make an endless variety of bath bombs that will thrill your friends, family and customers!, there is nothing as relaxing as a warm bath at the end of a long and tiring day. baths not only clean the body; they also relax and rejuvenate the mind and spirit. throughout history, baths containing medicinal salts have been used to cure ailments, reduce fevers, heal wounds, and also eliminate stress, tension, aches, […].

Most commercial bath bombs are really just for show. you get a fizzy, colorful experience with little benefit. but simply by adding herbs and essential oils to your bath bombs, you will get a similar experience that your body will thank you for., the ingredients below are enough to make approx 6 small bath bombs or 3 large ones: 1 cup (240 ml or 8 fl oz) citric acid - see below for advice on where to buy 2 cups baking soda 20-30 drops of essential oil - you might need more or less depending on the strength of the fragrance..

To create the giant soapy hollow ball of bath doom, i use round christmas tree ornaments that were designed to be filled with goodies. to do a three-dimensional bomb like these, you pack each side, then overfill a tad at the center and press the two sides together., these bath bombs are super luxurious and make bath time more fun for mom and kids alike!! don’t forget to subscribe for new vids every m-w-f